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Thursday, June 20, 2013


Erk?!! Am I? Nah... No way! Well, I am not in any romance relationship. I am not bound into any lovey dovey or marriage contract. And I am free to befriend with anybody. Am I right? Just because of someone regularly texting me or chat with me via my social network, that does not mean I am having an affair. Duh! By the way, I never met any of them~

Ladies at my age. Most of them are happily married with kids. Some of them already in a steady relationship. Me? Hmmmm... I wish that I could be one of them but... I think I am better not.

Single and available pretty lady with no one special? People may perceive it...
"Lesbo?" or...
"Having serious illness?!!" or maybe...
" she flirt a lot but afraid of commitment"

Oh, HELLO!!! I have my own reasons. And you, Mr/Ms NOBODY, you are not in a stand to critique or to judge me. Why? Because you are not ME. You don't walk in my shoes. And you absolutely know nothing about me. So, you should better keep your mouth in a silent mode before your heart starts bleeding and you lost your courage to even lift up your face.

Do I live happily? Do I enjoy having this kind relationship? Woah!!! What kind of relationship are you talking about? Dude, I am just a normal person. My life is not only about me and my cyber/invisible friends. I am working lady. I have my career. I do socialize. Eventhough I don't really enjoy meeting people~ Having numbers of close friends and officemates, yeah I am feeling good. Happy is way too subjective. I am good when nobody questioning me how, what and when. Surrounded by people who care for me, yeah I am HAPPY. Alone? Lonely? I feel it too sometimes but I am NOT most of the time. Heeeeee~

So, as for the conclusion... I don't flirt. Till then, XOXO!

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